Clappison’s Corners Business Directory

Clappison’s Corners Business Directory

Waterdown Ontario Online is the number one business listing for all towns and villages in the Flamborough area such as Clappison’s Corners.

Clappison’s Corners is a fantastic place to live, work and play and we want it to grow!

If you are looking for a business in Clappison’s Corners look through our directory and find great businesses right in your backyard.

There are great businesses in Clappison’s CornersClappison's Corners Business Directory Map

Buying local is super important in today’s day and age.  You are not only supporting the village you live in, but you are also supporting your friends and neighbours.  This helps build a strong community where more businesses will strive and succeed.

With Clappison’s Corners being part of the city of Hamilton, it is easy for customers to forget about looking at local areas for a business that fits their needs.  The ultimate goal of this business directory is to get your business in front of as many local customers as possible.

Is YOUR Clappison’s Corners Business Listed?

If you are a business owner in Clappison’s Corners and your business is not listed on the Waterdown Ontario Online community website, then please make sure that you click on the Submit Listings button on the main page.  A basic listing is FREE, so why not?  If a potential customer cannot find your business in Clappison’s Corners then will move on to one that they can find.

Upgrading to the next levels of business listings will really make your business stand out above the crowd!  Become a featured listing and be on the top of customer searches.  Add your logo or images of your storefront, as well as a full explanation of your services to really introduce yourself to the community.

We don’t want your promotion efforts to be gobbled up by Hamilton based companies that don’t even know where Clappison’s Corners is!

February 3, 2012


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