Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) people have about Waterdown Ontario Online.

Q. What is Waterdown Ontario Online?

A. Waterdown Ontario Online is a Business & Community listings directory created exclusively for business & community organizations in Waterdown and surrounding Flamborough areas.

Q. What is different about Waterdown Ontario Online compared to other directories I may have seen on the internet?

A. Waterdown Ontario Online is different in that we are actually part of the Waterdown community. We live, work and socialize in Waterdown, so we know all about our local businesses, organizations and community projects. We are not a faceless multi-national company operating multiple community directories from a central location, we are as much a part of Waterdown and Flamborough as the people who use our service.

Q. Is it free to list my business on Waterdown Ontario Online?

A. Yes, you can list your Business on Waterdown Ontario Online for FREE with the Basic package.  However, many of the great options that will help get your business discovered and connect with local customers are not available.

Q. Why do you offer different pricing levels on Waterdown Ontario Online?

A. We offer several pricing levels as businesses may want to get something different out of the Waterdown Ontario Online experience. Some businesses may already have their own independent website, in which case they may want to use Waterdown Ontario Online as a source for advertising their business to the local community. Others, can use their Waterdown Ontario Online listing as a resource to promote their business without a website.

Q. I’m interested in listing my business on Waterdown Ontario Online but want to discuss it with someone first, what can I do?

A. You have several options open to you. Drop us an email at listing@waterdownontario.ca with your query and we will respond within 24 hours. Get in touch using the online contact form on the website. Or, remember we said earlier that we weren’t a faceless multi-national? Well, we aren’t so if you want us to come to your business location and discuss your listing with you then we will do. Simple.

Q. Why do I need to register before I can create a listing?

A. We require anyone who wants to submit a listing to register to prevent the listing system from being abused. The registration process only takes a couple of minutes and you can then start on your Business Listing.

Q. My listing hasn’t appeared right away, why is that?

A. Some listings are held for authorization by the admin team. This ensures that the listings system isn’t abused. All listings will appear online within 24 hours and in most cases within an hour.

Q. I’m having problems with my listing, what should I do?

A. Send us an email to listings@waterdownontario.ca with a detailed description of your problem and we will try to get it sorted for you as quickly as possible. We will try to reply to all email within 24 hours.

Q. Can I only pay using Paypal?

A. Paypal is our preferred method of payment as its online, secure and can be fully tracked at both your end & our end. We do however, also accept payment by cheque or by bank transfer. If you prefer to use either of those methods then please drop us an email at listings@waterdownontario.ca as we will need to manually list your business for you.

Q. Why does my business have a Star Rating and why are there comments?

A. Each business or community listing is setup to allow the community to rate your business and provide feedback on the service received in the form of comments. Don’t look on this as a bad thing, this can be beneficial to your business as it allows you take pride in positive ratings and comments but also allows you the opportunity to take negative comments and work hard on improving your service for the next customer.  Waterdown Ontario Online monitors all comments and ratings in order to prevent abuse of the system, so rest assured that repeat feedback (negative or positive) or abuse of the star rating system will not be tolerated. We also will not tolerate verbal abuse, slander, libel of any business or community listing and any comments reported to us containing such will be removed from the site.

Q. I have a question but you don’t seem to have it covered, what can I do?

A. If you have any questions that aren’t covered on this page, drop us an email at listings@waterdownontario.ca and we will respond withing 24 hours or alternatively get in touch using the contact form on the site.