Featured Business of the Day – CT&G Auto

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the visibility of local Waterdown and Flamborough businesses, we are now offering the featured business of the day.

Today featured business is CT&G Auto located at 941 Centre Rd, Flamborough Centre (905-690-6660).  CT&G Auto is family owned and operated servicing all makes and models of vehicles.

1. What made you want to start CT&G Auto?

The opportunity arose, and we took off with the idea and made things happen.  It’s great to be able to run a shop the way I feel is the best.

2. If you had to pick one thing out of your day, what’s the most exciting / favourite?

To be able to help someone understand the repairs that are needed to keep them on the road safely.

3. Who is your ideal customer?

Our ideal customer one who either understands or has the time to understand how preventative maintenance will save them money in the long run.

4. What do you consider your biggest weakness?

By far, book keeping.

5. How are you improving on that weakness?

I’ve been doing a lot of learning and research on how to keep the books in order.CT&G Auto

6. What is your biggest strength?

Keeping my customers happy and knowledgeable about the repairs/maintenance that has been done or will need to be done.

7. How do you like running CT&G Auto?

I love running this shop.  Every day I learn more and more.  It’s definitely the biggest learning curve that I have hit in my career as a mechanic so far.

8. If you could change one thing about your businesses day-to-day routine, what would it be?

I would like to be able to hire a full time service manager to help take over some of the paper work.

9. Any new specials you can tell your customers about?

We have a $25+tax oil change available for most vehicles (synthetic or specialty oils are extra, filter is included in the price) which includes a 30 point inspection available all year around.

We are also having a draw at Ribfest for a free induction service.  An induction service helps to clean out your engine’s intake and help restore power and fuel economy.

10. If you had a chance to say one thing to a brand new customer, before they walk in the door, what would it be?

Please don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you would like.  We are here to serve you, and keep you on the road safely.


You can view the CT&G Auto listing on Waterdown Ontario Online by clicking here or visit their website at http://www.ctngauto.ca

June 29, 2012


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